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Willard Suitcase # 20

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This past Monday I began documenting the Willard suitcases again after not having done so since last September.  I had stopped shooting at that time to prepare for the Exploratorium exhibit.  The New York State Museum has given me permission to continue the project and it is both exciting and daunting, as there are still over 300 cases to photograph.

Craig Williams thought that Irma M.’s cases would be a good place to start, and so after getting set up, Peg and I began shooting in the late morning.  Irma had several cases, and most of her possessions were in museum boxes.

There wasn’t much in the brown suitcase, but I liked the design of the fabric liner.

She was initially placed in Ward 3, South West

This large trunk had a couple of nice labels on the outside.

I appears that this trunk was shipped to Willard in 1933.

Irma led a very interesting life and it is clear that she spent time in both Europe and North America.

We had the usual problem with deciding what to shoot, as one of the museum boxes was completely full of sheet music.

It appears from her papers that she taught both music and languages in New York City after she moved to the US from Europe.

It is interesting that the composer Jack Bauer signed this one with such a nice dedication.

In addition to all the sheet music, there was a large collection of books and diaries from her travels.  This Panama Canal book is incredible.

As is this sweet little booklet honoring George Washington.

I appears to be written for children what with the large illustrations and the somewhat dodgy history of his time with Native Americans.

Some of the books were in pretty rough shape, as was the interior of the trunk.

This illustrated dictionary caught our attention.

 Peggy is a fluent French speaker and I asked her what her favorite word was.

She responded immediately with “pépinière” and “pépiniériste”.

I especially liked this representation of flags with annotations for the colors.

We were not able to get through all of Irma’s things and I hope to finish her up next week.  This was our last set-up of the day.

The umbrella handle is so delicate.

I was able to find a link to Dr Charles Flesh Food.

This small diary contained some interesting entries.

Whenever I see an address like this I can’t help but wonder who lives there now.  And what about Mrs George Covert?  What was her connection to Irma?

From her diary of 8 January, 1925.

If feels so good to get back to this project and I hope to have more updates soon.  Cheers,  Jon


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On Monday I shot the last of the Willard suitcases for a while.  I hope to use the rest of this month to begin editing the images for the Exploratorium exhibit, and knowing how my brain works I knew I couldn’t attempt to edit while I was still shooting.  I was surprisingly emotional about the whole thing; an important part of the project ended and I am not sure when it might resume.  It is also significant to me that it marks the end of the Kickstarter phase of this work.  So some thank you’s are in order.  I could NEVER have gotten this far without Kickstarter and the incredible support of the almost 700 people who backed me. Thanks to Alex Ross for the long term “loan” of his lights and soft boxes.  He is a true friend.  Craig Williams and the New York State Museum gave me access to the cases and Craig’s support was instrumental in keeping it all moving along.  And Peggy Ross kept me organized.  Without her help in unwrapping, setting up the shots, helping me see things I would have missed, and putting the objects back where they belong I would never have made it through as many of the cases as I did.

I will work on a post later today showing the last case in the queue, as it were.  It was a great one to end on.


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I am pretty close to mailing the first of the Kickstarter rewards.  So for those of you who backed the project at the $10.00 level, watch your mailbox.  These are the first prints I have made of this work, and I am thrilled to finally see them on paper.  Each print is signed and so the process is a bit slow; tonight I will start addressing the envelopes.  You might notice the beautiful Yard-O-Led pencil in the bottom of the photo.  It was a gift from my great friend John Wilson and it is the perfect writing instrument for signing the prints.  It makes me so happy to be using it.


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