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Masonic plates

Posted in Buildings by joncrispin on 16/04/2010

I started going to the Syracuse China seconds store back in the early 80s when I lived in Ithaca.  Back then they sold all kinds of great items.  I have a nice set of State of Louisiana Senate plates that I still use all the time.  And since my days at the Meadville Unitarian Church, I have loved the kind of kitchens that one finds in churches and meeting halls.  I have recently been working on a project for the New York State Museum photographing Masonic Lodges.  This shot comes from the kitchen at Western Star Lodge #15. Two birds with one stone.

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  1. […] central New York State I have turned plates over to look for the Syracuse China mark on the back.  Here’s a link to a previous post.  I was surprised to see the logo on the back of this […]

  2. […] I was shooting Masonic Temples around New York State I came across a collection of plates at Western Star Lodge #15 in Bridgewater.  Some months later […]

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