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Joel Lamstein in NYT

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I used to do quite a bit of work for the New York Times.  I started shooting for them when Carlo Mastricolo was one of the assignment editors and I was living in Ithaca.  When I moved to the City, I continued doing freelance work for them and when I ended up in Massachusetts, they still called on me from time to time.  I think the last job I shot for them was James Taylor at his house in the Berkshires.

James Taylor

Yesterday I got an email from Penelope Riseborough at World Education saying that Joel Lamstein was being featured in today’s business section.  The Times used a picture of Joel I took some years ago that I have always liked.  He is an amazing guy and as Cris worked for him for almost 20 years, we have gotten to know him pretty well. / It was nice to see my name in the paper again after all these years.  Here is a link to the article.

Tree Eyes Again

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I am still seeing the eyes.  I was thinking with all the wind from Irene that the one on the right would disappear, but the storm seems to be mostly past us and he (Alex named him Ramon) is still there.  We started to have rain late yesterday and it has continued steadily since then.  Some wind but nothing too severe.  The tomato plants on the deck have fallen over a few times and it is very dark outside, but in all not a bad day.  Peter and I may take the Pearl for a walk in a bit.

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Woodman’s / Farnham’s

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Peter goes back to Union soon, and today was a good day to drive out to Essex for some clams.  We had visited Farnham’s in June and wanted to try Woodman’s.  We left Pelham late morning and arrived in Essex just before 2.00.  Woodman’s is the larger operation of the two and claim to be the originator of the fried clam.  We ordered a large and waited about 5 minutes.

Essex, MA

We went out back to the picnic tables and enjoyed the view and the clams.  It soon became clear to us that we couldn’t just operate on memory to compare the two spots, so we hopped in the car and drove down the road to Farnhams.  Ordered a small box there and sat at the outside tables.


Both places are a must visit for anyone who heads up that way, but for us the Farnham’s experience was better in all ways.

Essex Salt Marsh

Curtain Theatre Lighting Grid

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The Curtain Theatre renovation is moving along.  Last week they put up the new lighting grid and it is very interesting.  These are guys that have been doing all the work.

August Walk

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Peter, Pearl, and I had a lovely late afternoon walk today.  Goldenrod, cattails, and loosestrife.

It was breezy and cool, and the light was beautiful.

Lots of queen anne’s lace, too.

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I’ve been on the go alot lately.  Sorry for the lack of posts. /  Last Wednesday we went to Fenway to see the Sox play Tampa.  As often happens, we were only able to get two tickets for the three of us.  Instead of messing with the scalpers, I  make a small sign and stand on the corner of Yawkey Way and Brookline Avenue and hope for the best.  It has always worked in the past, and Wednesday was no exception.  Some guy walked past and just handed me this standing room only ticket.  It was for the Budweiser Deck in right field and it was a great place to watch the game.

I stayed up here until the fourth and then Cris texted me to say that the seat next to her was still empty.  So I moved down was able to sit in the shade with her and Peter in section 10 and see the end of the game from the nice new red seats.  Sox lost 4-0 but it was still loads of fun.  So thanks to the gentleman who made it all possible.

ElementalManhattan / Pieper

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This is my friend Richard Pieper.  I took this photograph in the elevator of his building in the East Village back in January.  (I think he is wearing earmuffs!)  Pieper is a great friend and a very interesting fellow.  Click here to see his latest project.  It is truly amazing.


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Last Friday my sister Karen and her husband Dick came up to go with us to the track at Saratoga.  It was a beautiful day and after all the heat and humidity, it was a pleasure to sit in the grandstand and watch the horses run.  Last year Cris, Peter, and I went and Pete was the big winner.  I am not sure what his system is, but it seems to work as he came out about $60.00 ahead.  This year, Dick’s friend Paul gave us some tips and they mostly worked.  On mostly $1.00 or $2.00 bets, I ended the day up about $20.00.  Peter chose not to follow Paul’s advice and again was the big winner, leaving the track with about $30.00 more than he came with.

I won a bit on the sixth race.  Lots of fun.

PNC Park

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Peter and I drove to Meadville on Wednesday so that I could be with friends for a few days.  Last night we went down the 79 to Pittsburgh to catch a Bucs game.  As a family, we go to ballparks whenever we get the chance and we’ve been to PNC Park quite alot.  In 2002, Peter and I went to see a game and had almost the exact same seats.   I was shooting with my Widelux at that time and made an image that day that I have always loved.  When I shifted to digital, I stopped using that camera, but have always missed the format.  So now I shoot 2 digital images and stitch them together on the computer.  Pretty much the identical result.  Feels a bit like cheating, but I’m not too bothered. / This is a beautiful ball park.  Situated on the north shore of the river with an amazing view of downtown Pittsburgh, it just can’t be beat (unlike the Pirates who lost 15 – 5).  These seats were $27.oo each, which is an incredible bargain.  My only complaint is that it is almost impossible to find an Iron City Beer in the place.  I had to settle for a 16 oz can of  Yuengling which is arguably a better beer, but doesn’t hold the same cachet for me.

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