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Brentford FC

Posted in Sport by joncrispin on 30/03/2010

Peter has been wanting to see an English league football match for a very long time, and since we arranged to be in London during his Spring break, it finally worked out.  Brentford was at home, and their ground is very old and has the distinction of being the only one in the UK with a pub on each corner.  We went to the Griffin before the match and it was great.  We stood on the terraces and saw Brentford beat Leyton Orient One-nil.  We were so happy.

Posted in Buildings by joncrispin on 29/03/2010

Craven Cottage is the ground where the English Premiership club Fulham play their home matches.  The first match was played here in 1896, the facade hasn’t changed much since then.  It sits right along the Thames in Fulham and is an amazing structure.  Peter and I missed being able to see a match, but a really nice guy named John gave us a tour an let us get right down to the pitch.  Before we left I went into the team shop and bought some really cool badges and a great mug.

Dog in window

Posted in Dogs, Windows by joncrispin on 25/03/2010

Whenever I am in Stratford upon Avon I see this dog sitting in the window.  Usually he sees me and starts barking and jumping around like crazy.  He just sat this time.  Maybe he is getting old, or at least somewhat used to me.

Service with a smile

Posted in Travel by joncrispin on 25/03/2010

I am in London now, but I loved this poster in the Delhi airport.


Posted in Travel, Uncategorized by joncrispin on 23/03/2010

When stopped in traffic in Dhaka, people selling all sorts of items come up to your car.  I was amazed at the variety of books on offer here.  Look closely.

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Posted in Travel by joncrispin on 23/03/2010

Compressed natural gas is used for fuel in lots of vehicles in Bangladesh.  These green three wheelers are all over the country, and as soon as Peter Carroll sees this shot, I know he’ll want one.  They would be great in Ithaca except in the winter.

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T Rex

Posted in Travel, Uncategorized by joncrispin on 21/03/2010

It was a national holiday in Bangladesh on the 17th (not St Patrick’s Day)  We went to a big park near the Indian border, and this guy was here.  Wild.

Bangladesh billboard

Posted in Advertising by joncrispin on 21/03/2010

There is always something amazing to see when you travel.  This just popped up on the horizon as we were heading up to the Indian border.  It seemed odd, because touching someone’s head in most parts of Asia is usually not done.

Train station

Posted in Travel, Uncategorized by joncrispin on 19/03/2010

I have always liked being around trains and wanted to see the Mymensingh railway depot.  Jahangir thought it might be a good idea to get a shot of me in action.

Temple wall

Posted in Travel by joncrispin on 19/03/2010

I wanted to see a bit of Mymensingh so Jahangir drove me around for part of the afternoon.  He got a local guy to come with us who knew the area.  One stop was a famous Hindu temple right in the middle of town.  I was surprised at how no one seemed bothered by my presence.  I was encouraged to photograph anything that looked interesting.  Bangladeshi people are very friendly.

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