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Petey’s Summertime Seafood and Bar

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Welcome to those of you who have found this site through the Slate article.  I am very grateful for the job David Rosenberg did, and the response that the suitcases are getting. It is a bit overwhelming at times, but I am so pleased that the project is reaching so many new people.

I had a shoot in Exeter, New Hampshire for the Old House Journal  today.  Peter is home for a bit and he came along to hang out with me and  continue our fried clam odyssey (See more here).  After working, we drove to Rye, NH to check out Petey’s Summertime Seafood and Bar.  The clams were fantastic; among the best yet. / It is always somewhat surprising to come upon the ocean after a short two hour drive from Western Massachusetts.  Today it was beautiful.

Slate Magazine

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Slate Magazine ran a really nice piece on the Willard Suitcase project.  Here’s the link.  Big thanks to David Rosenberg for his interest and doing a great job choosing and laying out the photos. / When I was recently  in San Francisco I stayed at this place.  It is a great old building and the staff are loads of fun.


Posted in Willard Suitcases by joncrispin on 24/02/2013

On Thursday Peggy came over to help me edit for the Exploratorium exhibit.  We had a very productive day and nailed down our final choices.  I started printing yesterday morning and have worked pretty steadily until a few minutes ago.  I still have some that I will probably reprint tomorrow, but for all intents and purposes I am done for now.  All my prints are 12 inches wide, and my great friend Alex Ross has been printing the seven or eight 36 inch wide prints.  It feels great to be so close to putting everything into a giant fedex box and sending them to San Francisco.

Green Liquid

Posted in Science by joncrispin on 18/02/2013

I am back in Brockport shooting at the College for a few days.  The people here are always so nice and pleasant to be around.  This beaker was in a lab in the department of Environmental Science and Biology.  I didn’t ask what was in it, but the green color was quite lovely.  It was in a bar in San Francisco last week and saw a small martini glass filled with something that looked just like it.

Sutro Baths

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I am sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting for my redeye flight home.  This morning’s quick meeting with the team ended well.  I know know pretty much what I need to do in the next few weeks as far as printing goes.

I had yesterday pretty much to myself.  Around noon I met with an old friend from Ithaca, Katie Harhen and we ate a couple of dozen oysters in the Ferry Terminal and had a great time catching up.  She is a really wonderful person and has created a great life out here in the Bay Area.

I had been hearing about the Sutro Baths from the Exploratorium folks and Stephanie Bailey said it was her favorite place in the area.  I hopped on the Geary bus and after a long ride out to the western-most part of SF got to a cliff above the ocean.

I especially like the fact that except for a few spots one is totally free to roam around the ruins without having to be warned of imminent danger.  It is part of  a National Park, and for now the only areas that are closed off are to do with a river otter that has taken up residence.  (He wasn’t there when I showed up.)

There was a little tunnel through the rocks that was kind of eerie.  You could hear the waves crashing and in a few spots could actually see the water.

The ocean was a steely gray for most of the time I was there.

It was foggy and quite cold when I arrived and just as I was leaving at about 5.00, the sun came out.

The flora reminded me a lot of what you would see on the Cornwall coast.

It is a very special place.  And the gift shop at the top of the hill is way cool.  I got a great mug and a bunch of vintage postcard reproductions. It is always completely baffling to me how something as cool and popular as the baths can virtually disappear.  Check out some other links to the history of the place and be sure to visit if you are in the area.

Shenango China

Posted in Advertising, History by joncrispin on 12/02/2013

This beautiful plate was underneath my little metal teapot at Golden Coffee this morning.  Ever since I lived in central New York State I have turned plates over to look for the Syracuse China mark on the back.  Here’s a link to a previous post.  I was surprised to see the logo on the back of this plate.

To me it looks like a Native American strangling a big dog (Mr. Rorschach anyone?)  When I searched the company name I saw other examples that make it look like a Native American sitting on a blanket hitting a drum.  No definitive answer though.  This is particularly interesting to me since I grew up in Meadville, PA which isn’t far from New Castle.  Sadly, the company is now closed.

Telegraph Article

Posted in Willard Suitcases by joncrispin on 12/02/2013

The Lucy Davies article about the suitcases is now online.  Here is the link to the story.  And here is the link to the slideshow.  It is getting quite a bit of response. / Things are moving along at the Exploratorium.  It is all about working with a committee, so it feels a bit different, but when done, it is going to be very interesting. / The 14 suitcases arrived safely last week in these lovely blue shipping containers  and are being prepped for display.   It is all quite exciting.

Long Day

Posted in Beer by joncrispin on 11/02/2013

It has been a long but good day sorting out plans for the Exploratorium exhibit.  I’ll post a longer update tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, as someone once said, “When in Rome, do like Romans” (or at least drink their beer).

Golden Coffee

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My flight to San Francisco went smoothly.  I am staying at the same part of town where Claire Larkin, Peter Carroll, and I stayed when we were working on a project for the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  We came to Golden Coffee for breakfast most mornings.  It is fabulous.  They were still closed this morning when I went out to get tea, but I’ll head over there in a bit to have breakfast and then off to the Exploratorium.

Sunday Telegraph Magazine

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I almost forgot.  Tomorrow’s (10 February, 2013) London  Sunday Telegraph Magazine “Seven” will feature an article on the project written by Lucy Davies.  I haven’t seen it yet, but check it out if you are in the UK.

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