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Posted in People, Sport, Water by joncrispin on 24/10/2010

On Saturday, I shot swimming for my friend Thom Kendall who was out of town on another job.  I grew up as a swimmer, so being back in a pool is usually a lot of fun for me.  Just the smell of chlorine and the humidity brings back memories.  Shooting it can be a challenge.  How many shots of athletes breathing out of the side of their mouths can one take?  So I usually try to look around for different angles.  The UMASS pool has a nice balcony just above the starting blocks and I thought it would be nice for the backstrokers.  It worked.

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Peter and Cris

Posted in Family, People, Weather by joncrispin on 22/10/2010


A pretty good indication of my state of mind is how often I post on this site.  Fewer posts = “karma congestion” (phrase © Alex Ross).  So, there hasn’t been much action here lately.  But the Autumn has gotten really intense.  After a long dry Summer and an uninspiring start, the colors have become wild. / Cris and I drove to Union last weekend for a visit with the boy.  A lovely drive, and a happy visit.  We are so proud of him.

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Posted in Friends by joncrispin on 05/10/2010

I first met Herman Boykin in Ithaca when our friend Warren roped us all into working on the Strand Theatre renovation.  In the late 70s he moved to New York City.  It is always so great to get together and hang out.  Had time to meet the new puppies and have a few beers before catching the train home.

Vinny Vella

Posted in People, Windows by joncrispin on 01/10/2010

One of the coolest aspects of Albanese’s is that it is as much a community center as a butcher shop.   A young guy from down the street came in to eat his lunch, others would chat with Moe for a few minutes then leave, and others like Vinny Vello here would hang around and give Moe the business.  Vinny is an actor (really!) and the unofficial Mayor of Elizabeth Street.  He has a new movie coming out with Christopher Walken called “The Irishman”.  Google him and check out his credits.

Albanese Detail

Posted in Animals, History by joncrispin on 01/10/2010

There were lots of nice little details at Albanese’s.  These meat hooks aren’t used anymore, but the design is both beautiful and functional.

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