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Oyster Bar

Posted in Food, People by joncrispin on 23/04/2010

Without a doubt, one of my favorite places in the world in the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.  Had some Cotuits and Blue Points and then a great pan roast before getting on the train to come home.


Posted in Buildings, Construction by joncrispin on 23/04/2010

I had a good room at the Millenium for my Binghamton University shoot.  I was hoping to get on to the WTC site Friday morning for the New York State Museum, but it didn’t work out for now.  This is a huge project and they seem to be working through the night.  After I took this picture, Peter, Matt and I had a great meal at Les Halles.

Wall Street

Posted in People by joncrispin on 22/04/2010

There was lots of action downtown because the president was here talking about Wall Street reform. There were tons of tv people doing stand-ups.  They always draw a crowd.

Big Pete in NYC

Posted in People, Uncategorized by joncrispin on 22/04/2010

Peter Carroll and I have been working together on and off for a very long time.  He is always willing to stand around while I take goofy photographs.  We are in New York for a couple of days and just after this we found an amazing falafel stand for lunch.  What a sport!


Posted in Flowers by joncrispin on 18/04/2010

Every year these plants come up in the garden at about the same time.  They are so delicate and lovely, but they never flower (edit: They do have little flowers which I have discovered are refered to as sow’s teats).  I have no idea what they are (edit: see comments).  It is a nice gray day, so I figured it was about time to take some pictures.

Masonic plates

Posted in Buildings by joncrispin on 16/04/2010

I started going to the Syracuse China seconds store back in the early 80s when I lived in Ithaca.  Back then they sold all kinds of great items.  I have a nice set of State of Louisiana Senate plates that I still use all the time.  And since my days at the Meadville Unitarian Church, I have loved the kind of kitchens that one finds in churches and meeting halls.  I have recently been working on a project for the New York State Museum photographing Masonic Lodges.  This shot comes from the kitchen at Western Star Lodge #15. Two birds with one stone.

Jack Gilbert

Posted in People, Published work by joncrispin on 09/04/2010

Another amazing person I photographed for Poets & Writers was Jack Gilbert.  He grew up in Pittsburgh so we talked alot about Western Pennsylvania.  Along with Franz Wright, he was one of the most interesting and provocative people I have ever spent time with.  He talked about love, art, and success and told me wild stories about his life.

Franz Wright

Posted in Published work by joncrispin on 07/04/2010

I am uploading some older shoots to my photoshelter site, and looking at my photos of the poet Franz Wright brought back memories of the day I spent with him.  He is such an intense and deep fellow but I felt completely at ease. His work is stunning and well worth checking out.

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Posted in Flowers by joncrispin on 04/04/2010

Every April these crocuses (I looked up the plural) come out through a pile of pine needles and leaves just out the kitchen window.  It seems so improbable that it could happen year after year.  After a long winter of burning wood in the stove, and darkness and cold, how this happens is a wonder to me.


Posted in Dance by joncrispin on 02/04/2010

I have been shooting dance for a long time, and Smith College has a great program.  I shoot the final dress rehearsal and don’t set up any shots, so it all seems very spontaneous.  Every once in a while it all comes together.

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