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I made oatmeal for breakfast yesterday, and while we were eating I looked up and for the first time saw the tulips Cris had bought earlier in the week.  I am mostly shocked by my inability to see the things that are right in front of me.  I have figured out that one of the reasons that I am a photographer is that I don’t see objects unless I see them as photographs in my mind’s eye.  It can take me forever to find the GrapeNuts in the cereal aisle or to find the corn starch container in the pantry.  I usually have to call Cris for help, and she spots whatever I am looking for right away.  It was frustrating when I was younger, and I actually saw it as a disability, but lately I have come to embrace it in an odd kind of way.

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Avon Meat Land

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I picked up Peter at Union yesterday.  Schenectady is interesting.  Initially it seemed a hopeless kind of place, but like all Northeastern post-industrial cities, there is much to be appreciated.  He and I have driven past Avon Meat Land on a few occasions, and I knew sooner or later we would check it out.  For the longest time we remembered it as Amos’ Meat Shack, and in fact this time we drove past thinking that this place and Amos’ just had similar names and were competitors.  So not finding the Meat Shack, we did a u-turn and went here.  Apparently it has been in business for 70 years.  I bought about a pound of Italian sausages (made in Schenectady) and was amazed when the guy at the counter rang me up and said it would be $3.00.  Cooked ’em up tonight with some peppers and onions.  Very tasty.

Clingstone 2

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I finished the Clingstone shoot for Old House Journal and delivered it at the end of the week.  The article will hit the newsstands in early March and should be worth a look.  The annual volunteer weekend is sometime around the Memorial Day weekend, and anyone who wants to help out is usually welcome.

Bray House

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My neighbor Ken was on his way to Temple when he called and said that the light on the house at the bottom of our road was nice.  I walked down and took this photo, mostly for him.  It was a beautiful warm day, but as soon as the sun went down it got quite cold.  When he gets home tonight, he will have this image in his email box.  I really like the immediacy of photography.


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The only thing I thought I knew about jellyfish turns out to be wrong.  They are not arthropods.  (I guess I do know something else, and that is that there is no way I will ever intentionally touch one.)  This guy was about the size of  half a cantalope.  It looks out of focus but isn’t.  People eat a lot of weird stuff from the sea, but I have never heard of anyone eating  jellyfish.


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Because of the color, I thought this was a Monarch, but when he (or she) alit I realized it wasn’t.  Lovely weather down here on the island.  I’m off for a walk on the beach.


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My brother and I drove to South Carolina yesterday.  It was a great drive and beautiful weather the whole time. / I knew we had crossed the IHOP/Waffle House line when I saw this sign in Virginia.  Too bad it wasn’t Tuesday; I could have had an extra crispy gizzard for lunch.

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Maegan Hoover

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I have been shooting for Connecticut College for a very long time.  I get interesting assignments that go beyond the usual college events and when they asked me to shoot a group of alums who play on a Boston area rugby team, it sounded like fun.  It was a lovely fall Saturday and a great match.  Here is Maegan Hoover on a great run.


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I was in DC last week shooting Tom Carroll’s African art collection.  I love walking in the neighborhoods around Tom’s house. / When my family was in Innsbruck in the mid 50s, we used to walk past a Mercedes dealership where there was a black 190 just like this one.  My dad used to joke about buying it and bringing it back to the States, but even at that time these cars were way beyond our means.  When I was photographing, the owner and his wife came out of their house and we had a nice chat.  This one is a 1957 model, and it is in really nice shape.

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