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John S. Lane & Son, Inc

Posted in Buildings, Landscape by joncrispin on 30/05/2010

I went here once many years ago with my neighbor Dan to get trap rock for my driveway.  It is a very cool business in an interesting location.  I drive past on occasion and just recently noticed how lovely the sign looks at night.


Posted in Plants by joncrispin on 25/05/2010

We have spotty luck with house plants.  Some thrive, some die.  This guy almost bit the dust, but has rallied.  It is not really red, but more like maroon.  It was heavily backlit by the sunset when it took this.  I would appreciate any help with an identification.

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NYY Steak

Posted in Cutlery, People, Sport by joncrispin on 13/05/2010

I’m not sure why this seems so funny to me.  Maybe because I remember Bill Simmons referring to Hal and Hank as Uday and Qusay.  Cris and I were at Yankee Stadium yesterday for our nephew Adam’s NYU graduation, and after the ceremony John and Lynne took us upstairs for a memorable lunch at NYY Steak.  We did it last year when Adam got his undergrad degree, and I had failed to notice the display of knives near the elevators.  This year I saw them.  Everybody’s there including Rudy Giuliani, although I didn’t have time to look for the empty spot where Ronan Tynan’s used to be.

Mountain States Telephone

Posted in Buildings, Family by joncrispin on 05/05/2010

My Dad was born in Central City in 1917 and had two older sisters.  When they moved to Denver in the 1920s Shirley and Leora eventually got jobs with The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. Shirley died very young, but Aunt Lee worked for them her entire adult life.  I have some of her Bell System awards for long-time service, including a lovely gold bracelet with an inset diamond for 40 years.  Cris and I were walking on 14th near our hotel on Curtis and I looked up to see this sight.  The building is awesome.  There are murals both inside and outside that look to have been done sometime in the 2os.  I can imagine my Aunts walking in through the entrance on their way to work each day.

Henry Moore

Posted in Art, Travel by joncrispin on 05/05/2010

Denver’s Botanic Garden is having an exhibit of 20 Henry Moore sculptures and it is great to see them in such a cool environment.  They are placed all around the grounds in very interesting locations.  Well worth a look.

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