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Memento mori.

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I was in Farmington, CT yesterday driving down Main Street when these two words caught my eye.   I knew that the phrase had something to do with death, and after doing a little reading, I learned a bit more.  The literal translation is “remember you must die” or “remember you will die”.  In classical times, it was said to victorious soldiers by their slaves to remind them that their good fortune could change at any moment.  In other words, we are all mortal and sooner or later…..pfffft.  It still seems like a good idea to think about this from time to time.  For me, the only consolation in losing people close to me has been to let the loss reinforce the idea that being alive is amazing and I should feel very grateful for my wonderful life and all of my lovely friends and family.

Three feet

Posted in People, Travel by joncrispin on 21/06/2010

Cris had to take the train to New York today, and I like train stations, so it was nice to give her a lift.  I always wait around until the train leaves.  These folks were waiting for the 2.50  calling at Windsor Locks, Windsor, Hartford, Berlin, Meriden……..

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Windshield Wonder

Posted in Automobiles, Windows by joncrispin on 20/06/2010

Ever since I saw the Windshield Wonder advertised I knew I wanted one.  Today being Father’s Day, I had hopes that Cris and Peter would oblige.  I guess they could read my mind.  The coolest thing is that it really works and it is well made!  I am totally diggin’ it, although I have been cautioned not to use it while driving.  (Hey Tom, I still have the swim tag hanging from my rearview.)


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I like looking into the windows of parked cars.  You can see some pretty interesting sights.  I was on my way into the Stop n Shop and noticed this guy’s affinity for the lottery.  Serious business goin’ on here.


Posted in Buildings, People by joncrispin on 08/06/2010

I am partway through shooting a story for the Old House Journal about a most amazing house off the coast of Jamestown, RI.  Clingstone was built in 1905 and is now owned by the Wood family of Boston.  It was abandoned from 1941 to 1961 when Henry Wood bought it for $3600.  Last weekend was the annual “work weekend” when volunteers come to the island to help out with all sorts of repairs and upkeep.  It was a very interesting collection of people.  This shot shows Dan Wood on the launch with the house in the background.


Posted in Art, Buildings by joncrispin on 06/06/2010

I was in Washington last week and got a chance to see a friend at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  It is such an wonderful building and the art is so accessible.  Peter Carroll and I worked on a project several years ago there for the Lunder Conservation Center.  It is worth checking out; Peter’s videos and my photos are still looking great after all this time.  The work is on display on the 4th floor in the media hallway and when I saw it a flood of nice memories came back.  A lot of really great and talented people to have worked with.

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