Jon Crispin's Notebook

Mountain States Telephone

Posted in Buildings, Family by joncrispin on 05/05/2010

My Dad was born in Central City in 1917 and had two older sisters.  When they moved to Denver in the 1920s Shirley and Leora eventually got jobs with The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. Shirley died very young, but Aunt Lee worked for them her entire adult life.  I have some of her Bell System awards for long-time service, including a lovely gold bracelet with an inset diamond for 40 years.  Cris and I were walking on 14th near our hotel on Curtis and I looked up to see this sight.  The building is awesome.  There are murals both inside and outside that look to have been done sometime in the 2os.  I can imagine my Aunts walking in through the entrance on their way to work each day.

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