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Posted in Family, Friends by joncrispin on 17/12/2010

My dad was a very interesting guy.  He died in August of 2007, and my mom died in March of 2009.  Cleaning out their apartment in Meadville was difficult in the obvious ways.  It wasn’t until July of ’09 that we finally had everything out and divided up.  It was very cool the way my sister, brother and I settled on who got what.  No hassles at all.  Since I was the last to leave Meadville, I had lots of odds and ends to bring home.  The boxes ended up in my family room and have sat there since.  My plan was to go through them and divide the remaining items between the three of us.  It has been hanging over my head since that July, but I finally started opening boxes on Tuesday.  Dad had saved some intersesting little items.  /  After he retired from Allegheny College, he read to school children at my old elementary school and volunteered to teach English as a second language through the Meadville Public Library.  A family named Lee moved to town from China to work at the Chinese restaurant run by Mr Lee’s brother.  They came speaking no English, and my dad became their teacher and mentor.  He poured all his heart into that family, and they really loved him in return.  The boys were Jamie and Danny, and Jan was their mom.


Our son Peter was born 5 weeks early in January of 1989.  He weighed just over 3 pounds and had a very rough start, staying in the NICU at Floating Hospital in Boston for what seemed like forever.  When I was going through the boxes from Meadville, I came across this envelope.

I realized right away that it was from the Lee’s.  This note was inside.

Oh, man.

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  1. Brad said, on 18/12/2010 at 9:56 am

    How does a scrap of paper become precious? I also pondered that question while sorting my old files last year. It has to do with the ways dead people continue to live on inside our own heads, I think. The real trick is getting people interested in the dead people they have never met.

    That’s quite a find.

  2. joncrispin said, on 18/12/2010 at 9:04 pm

    Thanks Brad, I remember when Peter was very young and you had just met him. You told me then that he would be fine; I really wanted to believe that, and what you said helped me to do so. It meant alot to me.

  3. Burr said, on 03/01/2011 at 5:02 pm

    The tiny baby is not so tiny anymore. Very cool!

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