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Ducks on the Pond

Posted in Animals, Plants, Water by joncrispin on 21/07/2011

Thanks to everyone who has sent along condolences about Mavis.  We are really missing her, especially Pearl. /  We walk alot near the UMASS track facility and just close to where we park the car is a small pond that starts out very clear in the Spring and over the Summer becomes filled with some kind of very green algae.  For a while this family of ducks was hanging around.  They couldn’t be bothered by the fact that we were checking them out.

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  1. […] that had real feeling to them and that might not have been perfectly sharp or in focus.  /  I have photographed this little pond before.  The green algae that shows up in the late summer is such a beautiful color.  I took a series of […]

  2. […] had a nice walk with the Pearl just now.  Our usual spot with the scummy pond (no ducks today).  The leaves are starting to change and even though it is a foggy, muggy, warm […]

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