Jon Crispin's Notebook


Posted in Animals, Architecture, Family, Sport by joncrispin on 16/08/2011

Last Friday my sister Karen and her husband Dick came up to go with us to the track at Saratoga.  It was a beautiful day and after all the heat and humidity, it was a pleasure to sit in the grandstand and watch the horses run.  Last year Cris, Peter, and I went and Pete was the big winner.  I am not sure what his system is, but it seems to work as he came out about $60.00 ahead.  This year, Dick’s friend Paul gave us some tips and they mostly worked.  On mostly $1.00 or $2.00 bets, I ended the day up about $20.00.  Peter chose not to follow Paul’s advice and again was the big winner, leaving the track with about $30.00 more than he came with.

I won a bit on the sixth race.  Lots of fun.

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