Jon Crispin's Notebook

Japanese Maple

Posted in Seasons, Trees by joncrispin on 29/10/2012

Last year our neighbor Ken decided to open up the front garden of his house and asked us if we would like to have his Japanese Maple.  We were interested but since I know nothing about transplanting trees I was a bit leery.  For quite some time Ken has had a lovely young man from Russia who is studying nursing at UMASS do yard work, and Andrei was willing to move the tree for us.  So last autumn the job was done and I spent the winter worrying that it would die.  When spring came it budded out nicely and has been a lovely addition to the front of the house.  The leaves started out red and then by July turned green.  This is how they look today.

I took Cris to the airport on Saturday, and yesterday she safely arrived at her hotel in Ramallah.  She will be in the West Bank until Saturday and then into Gaza.  I will be posting a bit more regularly to keep her up to date on what’s happening here.

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