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California Coast

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This will be a picture heavy post without too many words.

We stopped in Pismo Beach, which is a sweet little town with a nice pier.  I like being able to shoot from above, which is a great angle to document guys with metal detectors.

Morro Bay is another pleasant town.  We were blown away to see these sea otters rafting at the end of the day so near to the town.  The wide angle lens doesn’t make them seem so close, but they were right there.

Next stop was the amazing elephant seal beach just near to San Simeon.  These seals have been coming to this location since the early ’90s.  Noisy and smelly (but in a very nice way).  Remarkable to be so close to these creatures.

They are molting at this time of the year and aren’t particularly active.

Next up, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park near Big Sur.  Well worth a visit.

It is Spring out here and wild flowers are everywhere.  This looks to be some sort of iris.

This spectacular field is just off Highway 1.  We came around a corner and this scene took our breath away.

California poppys.  Cris says they are the state flower.

Point Lobos State Park is a wonderful place to hike and get close to the ocean.  The trails are  extensive; it would be easy to spend a whole day here.

I had never been in the redwoods before.   This same photo has probably been taken a million times, but who could resist.  Big Basin State Park is just north of Santa Cruz.

Since I’m in California, I can get away with the word awesome.  Truly amazing.

Had a nice walk yesterday from the Exploratorium up to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Finally saw “The Changing Face of What is Normal” exhibit and will post some shots and my reaction soon.

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  1. Elizabeth Toel said, on 29/04/2013 at 6:19 pm

    Some gorgeous pictures of ‘my’ state – California! Welcome! I ran across some photos of your suitcases a while back and have been enjoying your blog ever since. The respect and love you show in your suitcase photos (actually all of your photos!) is wonderful to me. Great photo of the Golden Gate…I am a third generation San Franciscan and never tire of photos of that lovely bridge.

    xoxo Elizabeth Toel

  2. Carol Cappelletti said, on 30/04/2013 at 7:26 am

    Being true to my “eastern roots” California never really did it for me despite my family moving there back in the lat 70’s, although I did enjoy my visits! This was another nice visit…..thanks!

  3. Stacey T said, on 03/05/2013 at 8:53 am

    Point Lobos is in my backyard!!! It is beautiful and amazing and we hike there a few times a month!! Glad you had gorgeous weather when you were out here exploring!

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