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Galveston Pleasure Pier

Posted in Architecture, Uncategorized by joncrispin on 06/10/2016


I had a long walk around Galveston yesterday.  My destination was the Galveston Pleasure Pier.  Great name, but it was unfortunately closed!  This is an interesting place with lots of amazing architecture and history. / I think the green plants in the foreground are some kind of gorse or heather.  They had little yellow flowers and reminded me a bit of what I saw on the coast of Cornwall.

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  1. Alison J. said, on 06/10/2016 at 2:35 pm

    in England we called the prickly bushes gorse and the non-spiny ones broom – both had yellow flowers. Gorse tends to show flowers year-round in mild climates, leading to the old saying, “when gorse is out of bloom, kissing’s out of season.” (as taught to me by my granny, born in 1894.)
    UK heather is typically white or pink flowered and lower to the ground, but may be different in Texas.
    Keep posting, Jon!

    • joncrispin said, on 06/10/2016 at 2:49 pm

      Thanks Alison! I was going to call it broom, but I would never have thought it would grow in such a hot, humid climate. 93 degrees f, and 90 % humidity today. It is like south asia! No wonder so many VietNamese folks ended up here after the war. Thanks so much for the comment. J

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