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Fox and Herald

Posted in Animals, Automobiles, Cities, Friends, Nature by joncrispin on 18/12/2011

I am back home, and will post some UK images over the next few days.  It is a bit odd to put up photos after I have returned; I usually have internet connections as I travel.  For various reasons on this trip I wasn’t able to get online very much, and when I did, WordPress didn’t seem to want to take the uploaded photos. /  John and I were walking back from the pub late one night and this fox was just wandering around the street.  It walked into a front garden and the resident cat wasn’t very happy about his visit.  John says he sees foxes all the time in the neighborhood and that they are not bothered much by people.

This sweet little Triumph Herald was parked just down the road from where I saw the fox.  It has a really nice set of Minilite wheels and some kind of custom exhaust.  I always liked these cars.  My parent’s friend Polly Seeley had one in Meadville and I distinctly remember her driving up to our house on Cullum Street with the top down.

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