Jon Crispin's Notebook

Flotsam and Jetsam

Posted in ephemera, Nature, Water by joncrispin on 07/03/2013

Cris and I are in South Carolina for a bit.  My brother and sister-in-law generously invite us to stay in their place down here and it is amazing.  We usually come in January, but since Cris is on sabbatical this semester we decided to come down in March.  We were walking on the beach the other day and talking about flotsam and jetsam.  I was spouting off about the distinction between the two.  A few minutes later Cris looked down and saw this.  It was clear that it wasn’t just dropped on the beach; it had been in the water a long time and was quite near the water line having just been washed up.  It is completely dead, but we couldn’t help wondering about the life of the owner.  21st Century jetsam (or is it flotsam?)

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