Jon Crispin's Notebook


Posted in Family, Flowers, People, Plants by joncrispin on 04/12/2012

Cris thought this was a clematis, but upon looking at pictures that are online, I am quite sure it is something else.  In any event, it was outside all summer and appeared to be totally dead.  I moved it into the shade and watered it regularly and it came back. / It is an appropriate flower, as earlier this morning I went to the doctor and was informed that I had “pink eye”.  I almost laughed when he told me, as I don’t think I have heard those words since elementary school.  It is still kind of fun to say….pink eye.  It is a total drag though; certainly not a good condition for a photographer.  He gave me some drops and I hope it starts clearing up soon. / The picture in the background is my mom and was taken in 1956 in Lermoos, Austria.  Here’s a link to a previous post about that trip.

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