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Tom Schack / Outerstylie

Posted in Friends, Music by joncrispin on 10/10/2013

My good bud Tom Schack just  got the first pressing of his band Outerstylie’s new CD.  He was kind enough to give me a copy (#2) which he is holding in his hand.  He was totally stoked to finally have it.  I’m listening to it now and it sounds great.  Here he is at his “day job”.

Outer Stylie

Posted in Friends, Music by joncrispin on 13/02/2011

Tom Rocks!

Last night my friend Tom’s band Outer Stylie was playing at the Elevens in Northampton. (See previous Tom post of August 2010)  They came on last at about 12.30 and played a rousing set.  The lighting looked promising during the opening acts, but when Tom came on stage the sound/lighting guy must have been going for some kind of mood thing. (Dark!)  So Tom was mostly in shadow until the encore when we yelled at him to move into the light.  I was shooting with the D3S at 12,800 ISO which is hardly believable, but the results are fantastic.  It was a nice evening; had a Guinness, met Tom’s girlfriend, and at the end of the set I was introduced to Tom’s father and had the chance to tell him what a great guy his son is.

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