Jon Crispin's Notebook

Eclipse 2017

Posted in Jon Crispin, Science, Uncategorized by joncrispin on 21/08/2017

One day as Peg and I were shooting the suitcases I began to feel that one of my strobes was misfiring.  They are very bright and it was impossible to look into it and see if one of the flash tubes was intermittent or not.  Peg said that she thought that she had just the trick to be able to look at it when it was firing.  On our next shoot, she showed up with these and they worked a treat.  I stuck them back in my camera case and only remembered earlier today that I still had them.


We might have been the only people in the States with  glasses from l’Eclipse du 11 août 1999.    I love the look of happiness on Cristine’s face.


Protégez-vous les yeux indeed!  Thanks Peg!


This kid was the best though.  A “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” t-shirt and a welder’s mask.  He came prepared.

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