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Washington Nationals

Posted in Architecture, Baseball, Jon Crispin, Sport by joncrispin on 23/08/2014

I am in DC for the weekend visiting Peter.  Last night we went to dinner to celebrate his new job and this afternoon we headed down to Nats Park.  There was about an hour rain delay, but we walked up to the ticked office and got two $5.00 seats.  We asked to be under the overhang in case the rain came back, and were totally excited when we saw our seats.

The end seats of the last row of section 401.  I don’t think you could get farther from home plate anywhere in the park.  We like to be up high at games because it gives a great feel for the whole park.

In these particular seats, one has a great view of the Capitol dome.  And all this for $5.00.  Amazing

The Nats beat the Giants 6-2.  Jordan Zimmerman pitched a great game and the Nats are really on a roll.  It seemed like old times when someone yelled “Hugo Chavez” when Wilson Ramos came up to bat.

Here are Ray Knight and Johnny Holliday about to start the post-game show.

DC Again

Posted in Architecture, Family, Food by joncrispin on 14/10/2013

Cris and I are in DC for the long weekend visiting Peter.  We have been walking quite a lot and eating well.  Today was a visit to Tortilla Cafe near Eastern Market which was amazing and cheap. / I haven’t been inspired to shoot much, but the light was nice today and it is pleasant to see roses still blooming in October.

It is odd to see the public parts of the federal government closed up (not that you could get up these steps when there is no government shut-down).  I used to spend quite a bit of time shooting here, and for a time anyone could walk right up to the top. Times change; what can you do?

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