Jon Crispin's Notebook

Green Liquid

Posted in Science by joncrispin on 18/02/2013

I am back in Brockport shooting at the College for a few days.  The people here are always so nice and pleasant to be around.  This beaker was in a lab in the department of Environmental Science and Biology.  I didn’t ask what was in it, but the green color was quite lovely.  It was in a bar in San Francisco last week and saw a small martini glass filled with something that looked just like it.

College Students

Posted in People by joncrispin on 14/09/2012

College kids are kind of amazing.  I was walking back to my car after shooting a ribbon cutting ceremony at Smith Hall on the campus of the College at Brockport.  The guy in the middle indicated that he wanted to be photographed with his buds and I was all too willing.  This dude is totally sportin’ a complete 6 pack of abs.  I love his friends too; the guy on the left is very hip and cool and the guy on the right looks so friendly.  I love being a photographer.

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