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I’ve been on the go alot lately.  Sorry for the lack of posts. /  Last Wednesday we went to Fenway to see the Sox play Tampa.  As often happens, we were only able to get two tickets for the three of us.  Instead of messing with the scalpers, I  make a small sign and stand on the corner of Yawkey Way and Brookline Avenue and hope for the best.  It has always worked in the past, and Wednesday was no exception.  Some guy walked past and just handed me this standing room only ticket.  It was for the Budweiser Deck in right field and it was a great place to watch the game.

I stayed up here until the fourth and then Cris texted me to say that the seat next to her was still empty.  So I moved down was able to sit in the shade with her and Peter in section 10 and see the end of the game from the nice new red seats.  Sox lost 4-0 but it was still loads of fun.  So thanks to the gentleman who made it all possible.


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Fenway sign


Every year around this time, Peter and I drive into Boston.  Our first stop is Fenway.  We park on Yawkey Way (there is always a spot) and walk around the perimeter of the park.  It is always a bit odd to be there in the off season, especially with lots of snow on the ground from the storm earlier this week.  We start by heading East on Yawkey and then around to Lansdowne.  This year we spotted the entrance to the Bleacher Bar, which is actually inside the building, just under the center field bleachers.  It is a really nice smallish pub that was mostly empty.  A nice time for an early Guinness for me and a lime and soda for Peter.  It was a great day to be together.


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