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Utopia Parkway

Posted in Art, Dance, Music by joncrispin on 19/09/2012

Utopia Parkway

I just got back from shooting a great dance piece by Angie Hauser and Chris Aiken who are new dance faculty members at Smith.  Their piece “Utopia Parkway” is totally improvised, as is the live music that goes along with it (Jesse Manno and Robert Benford).  It only runs tomorrow night and Friday at Smith (20+21 September).  It is totally great and shouldn’t be missed.  If you in the area, go see it.


Posted in Dance by joncrispin on 02/04/2010

I have been shooting dance for a long time, and Smith College has a great program.  I shoot the final dress rehearsal and don’t set up any shots, so it all seems very spontaneous.  Every once in a while it all comes together.

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