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Willard Cemetery

Posted in Family, Graveyards, History, Landscape, People by joncrispin on 15/09/2010

Every time I go to Willard, NY to do some work relating to the Psych Center, I go to the cemetery and walk around.  The setting is really beautiful; a huge rolling field with a view of Seneca Lake.  It is also a very moving place.  For reasons I have never completely understood (or agreed with), the only names on headstones are in the veteran’s section.  All other graves are marked with a number.  I spent all day Friday photographing the wonderful people who worked at Willard before it was closed, and then Brad Edmondson and I walked across the road to have a look.  I was struck by the fact that it was late Friday afternoon on the 10th of September, the last day of Rosh Hashanah.

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  1. Brad said, on 16/09/2010 at 8:34 am

    The people buried in that field are trying to talk to me. It’s like a zombie movie, except nice.

  2. […] There is a great bookstore nearby and I was finally able to find a copy of Maira Kalman’s “And The Pursuit of Happiness”.  I have been looking for a while now, and was so happy to find it.  She sent me the nicest email about the Willard Suitcases and I was eager to see this book, as I really like her work.  I especially like that she mentions the numbered graves at Gettysburg since they are so much like the ones at the Willard cemetery. […]

  3. […] the people who are working diligently to honor the dead by attaching names to the numbers.  Click here and here to read those previous […]

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