Jon Crispin's Notebook

Joe West

Posted in Baseball, Sport by joncrispin on 06/07/2011

If you look closely, the umpire standing on the first base line is my favorite major league umpire ever (and the only one I know by name).  He has such a unique presence that you can’t miss him.  I spent a lot of the game yelling out his name and clapping. / Joe West was the umpire that called Dave Roberts safe on the famous steal of second base in the ninth inning of the 2004 ALCS.  (This is worth a look.)  Millar’s walk, Roberts’ pinch running and “the steal”, Joe West calling him safe (and he was), then Bill Mueller’s rbi single to tie the game.  Amazing baseball. /  Joe was a busy man last night.  After a close play at first early in the evening which resulted in the Angels’ only run, Jim Leyland rode him from the dugout the whole game.  Leyland even came out between innings to jaw at him, then finally late in the game he got tossed.  Lots of fun.

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