Jon Crispin's Notebook

1546 Chestnut, Santa Ana, CA

Posted in Buildings, Family, Friends, History, Travel, Windows by joncrispin on 04/07/2011

John Kishel knows so much about the obscure history of Southern California.  We were talking about guitars the other day and he mentioned that as a kid he would send in a coupon from Boy’s Life Magazine to the Fender Guitar Company to receive a free catalogue.  The address on the coupon was 1546 Chestnut, Santa Ana, Calif.  Fender guitars were made in Fullerton, but in 1958 the company opened up a sales and distribution center in Santa Ana.  It is interesting to think about all the incredible guitars and amps that were shipped from this building.  And it sits less than 3 miles from his house.  We went out for a meal tonight and stopped by for a visit on our way home.

I like being in places where cool stuff happened.  The building has something to do with Culligan water treatment now and the front entrance is obviously not in use.  Love the light fixtures though.  They look original to the building.

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