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Joel Lamstein in NYT

Posted in Music, People, Published work by joncrispin on 28/08/2011

I used to do quite a bit of work for the New York Times.  I started shooting for them when Carlo Mastricolo was one of the assignment editors and I was living in Ithaca.  When I moved to the City, I continued doing freelance work for them and when I ended up in Massachusetts, they still called on me from time to time.  I think the last job I shot for them was James Taylor at his house in the Berkshires.

James Taylor

Yesterday I got an email from Penelope Riseborough at World Education saying that Joel Lamstein was being featured in today’s business section.  The Times used a picture of Joel I took some years ago that I have always liked.  He is an amazing guy and as Cris worked for him for almost 20 years, we have gotten to know him pretty well. / It was nice to see my name in the paper again after all these years.  Here is a link to the article.

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