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Posted in Fungi by joncrispin on 15/09/2013

We haven’t been walking up in the woods lately since in the summer the bugs are quite bad.  This morning, Cris, our friend Kate, and I went for a stroll and were all interested in the number and variety of fungi that we saw.  It has been a fairly wet summer, so I guess it is to be expected.

 I have never seen these purple guys before.

 They looked a bit slimy.

 And this orange fellow appeared to be trailing some interesting goop.

 I think this yellow one is some form of what my French friend Pol Corvez used to call “pets de nonne”.

 After a while, I realized that I was shooting all of these mushrooms from above, so here is a side shot of this ↑one.

I have just enabled the url joncrispinposts.  It should be working now, and I am hoping that there will be no problems.  If you type in the old one ( it automatically redirects.  If any of you have problems accessing the site, shoot me a note.  And, as always, thanks for following.

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