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Today was a nice and grey day and after editing some suitcase photos and watching Fulham beat Wolves, Olive and I headed up into the woods.  I have never seen a winter with so much water, and it was really wet with small rivulets running all over the place.  Olive was in her element.  She carried that birch log that is in front of her for most of the walk.

red funguswp

It is always a bit surprising to see something so colorful in the middle of winter.  With all this water, it might just be a good year for mushrooming.

I wanted to do this post for Patty, who follows this site and recently asked for more pictures of the Olive.  It’s probably a good time to mention that if you want to see more of her, I post on instagram as jonkcrispin.  It is a nice outlet for me to put up photographs that I take with my phone.  So check it out, and thanks for following.

Green / Big Stick


Now that the snow is all gone Olive and I have started spending more time in the woods.  It rained most of the day yesterday, so it was pretty wet.  Nice.


She is a total stick (or should I say log) girl.  This could have been record size for her.  She carried it for about half a mile.


I have been seeing a lot of green lately, and these fungi are just beautiful.  Can anyone out there tell me what they are?

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We haven’t been walking up in the woods lately since in the summer the bugs are quite bad.  This morning, Cris, our friend Kate, and I went for a stroll and were all interested in the number and variety of fungi that we saw.  It has been a fairly wet summer, so I guess it is to be expected.

 I have never seen these purple guys before.

 They looked a bit slimy.

 And this orange fellow appeared to be trailing some interesting goop.

 I think this yellow one is some form of what my French friend Pol Corvez used to call “pets de nonne”.

 After a while, I realized that I was shooting all of these mushrooms from above, so here is a side shot of this ↑one.

I have just enabled the url joncrispinposts.  It should be working now, and I am hoping that there will be no problems.  If you type in the old one ( it automatically redirects.  If any of you have problems accessing the site, shoot me a note.  And, as always, thanks for following.


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Cris and the Pearl and I went up into the woods today.  My sister Karen once told me what this ↑ little guy is called , but it didn’t stick with me.  Any help, anyone?  They are very delicate and tiny. /  And due to all the recent rain, the fungi are everywhere.

I can’t remember seeing one like this ↑ before.  It is very white.


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Cris and I were walking in Northampton today and I saw the fungus on the left growing on a tree.  It was about 9 feet off the ground so I guessed at the framing.  Just missed the right side.  As I was taking the picture, a woman driving by got our attention and said there was a bigger one on Olive Street.  So we drove over and saw the one on the right.  I like the first one a bit better, but the one on Olive is huge.

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