Jon Crispin's Notebook

Presidential (Again)

Posted in Automobiles, ephemera, Transportation by joncrispin on 22/05/2014

I went into town this evening to meet Cris for a meal, and parked next to this. I had a vague memory of posting a similar car a few years ago and was kind of amazed to see another.  This model looked even cheesier than the previous one.

And it also had the seemingly useless snaps built into the lovely chrome trim piece.  It’s the little things I guess, but it kind of made my day.

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  1. Mema said, on 27/05/2014 at 1:08 pm

    It interests me how something I notice in my daily life will then keep jumping out at me. I assume that the existence of such things was always there waiting to be noticed but then I wonder…maybe it exists simply because I notice it? Did I call the thing into being simply by acknowledging it the first time? Is it the universe’s “inside joke” to me? I think it’s clever that you are aware of your surroundings in spite of your career observing things. I would imagine it is harder to “see” things as they are without worrying about angles and lighting and exposure. So kudos to you (whether coincidental or not)…

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