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Posted in Advertising, Automobiles, Windows by joncrispin on 11/07/2010

I have always been interested in how large American companies market some of their crappiest products.  GM was notorious for this.  Here we see a fine example.  I parked next to this Buick Park Avenue on Friday, and the Presidential Seal jumped right out at me.  I am a bit baffled by the snaps on the metal trim underneath the seal.  They look like something off a boat.

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  1. […] into town this evening to meet Cris for a meal, and parked next to this. I had a vague memory of posting a similar car a few years ago and was kind of amazed to see another.  This model looked even cheesier than the […]

  2. […] have posted here and here about my interest in how American car companies choose to name special models of their cars.  It […]

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