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Posted in Beaches, Plants by joncrispin on 04/01/2015

I was walking on the beach today at low tide and saw this piece of plant that had washed up sometime earlier in the day.  A pretty perfect “S”, and I thought that it could be the start of a collection of naturally occurring  letters.  A few minutes later, I saw this “C”.

Well, I thought, another one for the collection.  And then, this “J”.

I ended up walking about 5 miles on the beach, looking for letters.

This “U” is nice with the leaves still attached; sort of like the “S”.

I’m calling this one ↑ an “I”

Nice to have found an “L”.  So useful at times.

It might be stretching it a bit to call the one above a “G”, but hey, it works for me.

No question though, this is a lovely “F”

This one came pretty close to being a “Q”, but an “O” is much more useful (although we did have a “U” to go with the “Q”).

This is just barely a “W”, and it even has a little flower attached.

And finally, this somewhat stylized “T”.

I am a pretty lame Scrabble player, but I try to do the Times crossword everyday.  As I was walking back from the beach I thought it might be nice to see how many words could be made from these letters.  S C J U I L G F O W T.  It is a good mix of vowels and consonants.  If you want to join in, post your words in the comments section.

I am wishing all of you a fantastic, productive, and peaceful 2015.  Cheers, Jon

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  1. David said, on 04/01/2015 at 10:10 pm

    Flow, scow, scowl, jowl, glow, stow, guilt, jig, loft,flout, gout, jilt, just, two, low, cow, cowl, sow, soil, foil, toil, coil, and many mire I’m sure! Get Will Shortz to include it in a puzzle 🙂 Does he still do the Puzzle Master bit on Sunday’s Morning Edition on NPR?

  2. castlegreene said, on 04/01/2015 at 10:53 pm

    Super fun that you found all those letters! I’m also terrible at Scrabble, but I love other word games, so I made a list of what I could find:

    Clout, Cog, Cogs, Coil, Coils, Cow, Cowl, Cowls, Cows, Cut, Cuts, Fig, Figs, Fist, Fit, Fits, Flow, Flows, Foil, Foils, Foist, Fowl, Fowls, Gift, Gifts, Gilt, Glow, Glows, Glut, Gluts, Got, Guilt, (Guilts?), Gust, Gut, Guts, Its, Jig, Jigs, Jog, Jogs, Jowl, Jowls, Jug, Jugs, Just, Jut, Juts, Lift, Lifts, List, Lit, Loft, Lofts, Lost, Lot, Lots, Lug, Lugs, Lust, Oft, Oil, Oils, Oust, Out, Outs, Owl, Owls, Scow, Scowl, Sift, Silt, Slit, Slog, Slot, Slow, Soft, Soil, Sot, Sow, Stow, Suit, Swift, Swig, Tic, Tics, Togs, Toil, Toils, Tow, Tows, Tug, Tugs, Two, Twos, Wig, Wigs, Wilt, Wilts

    Every time I think I’m done I find another, but I have to go to bed! Thanks for a fun brain game 🙂

  3. CM said, on 04/01/2015 at 11:13 pm

    jug, fowl, owl, lug, two, slug, fog, wog, cog, sog, jig, sig, twig, swig, flow, low, scowl, cowl, glow, cow, tow, scut, stow, fit, fits, flit. sow, slow, slog, silt, slit, jog, wit, wig, wilt, loft ……… we needed an E. I think dlout (in a previous reply) is the winner.

  4. leamuse said, on 05/01/2015 at 2:23 am

    For me that ‘T’ looked a bit more like a question mark and can be every so much fun!

  5. pia said, on 05/01/2015 at 3:20 am

    dear Jon – you are such a lovely nut / the F was my favorite

    S C J U I L G F O W T – let’s see: tow, two, toil(s), tug(s), foil(s), soil, coil(s), cog(s), log(s), fog(s), jog(s), soft, flow, flows, slow, go, to, so, low(s), glow(s), cow(s), jowl(s), flit(s), wit(s), clog(s), flog(s), slug, lug(s), lift(s), loft(s), wilt(s), silt, slit, sift, fowl(s), cult(s), guilt(s), gift(s), scout, scowl, swift, jug(s), jilt(s), jot(s), jig(s) just, lost, cost … time for bed, winter break is over.

    Happy New Year to you ~

  6. pia said, on 05/01/2015 at 3:22 am

    I am in the Pacific NW, so it is just after midnight. Leamuse – hope you are on the west coast too or at least west of Jon. sweet dreams.

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