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Posted in Beaches, Plants by joncrispin on 04/01/2015

I was walking on the beach today at low tide and saw this piece of plant that had washed up sometime earlier in the day.  A pretty perfect “S”, and I thought that it could be the start of a collection of naturally occurring  letters.  A few minutes later, I saw this “C”.

Well, I thought, another one for the collection.  And then, this “J”.

I ended up walking about 5 miles on the beach, looking for letters.

This “U” is nice with the leaves still attached; sort of like the “S”.

I’m calling this one ↑ an “I”

Nice to have found an “L”.  So useful at times.

It might be stretching it a bit to call the one above a “G”, but hey, it works for me.

No question though, this is a lovely “F”

This one came pretty close to being a “Q”, but an “O” is much more useful (although we did have a “U” to go with the “Q”).

This is just barely a “W”, and it even has a little flower attached.

And finally, this somewhat stylized “T”.

I am a pretty lame Scrabble player, but I try to do the Times crossword everyday.  As I was walking back from the beach I thought it might be nice to see how many words could be made from these letters.  S C J U I L G F O W T.  It is a good mix of vowels and consonants.  If you want to join in, post your words in the comments section.

I am wishing all of you a fantastic, productive, and peaceful 2015.  Cheers, Jon

Olive at the Beach

Posted in Animals, Beaches, Dogs, Labradors, Travel, Water by joncrispin on 28/12/2014

Due to the wonderful generosity of my brother and sister-in-law, we are back at the beach in South Carolina.  This is Olive’s first visit to the ocean.

She took to it like a champ.  Full blast, right into the water and ran like the wind.  Here she is during her first encounter with a horseshoe crab.  Initially she was cautious, but after a minute she just barked at it until we lured her away with biscuits.  She is really becoming a great dog.

Fog and Palm

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Heading back North tomorrow.  We had time for one last walk on the beach today, but had to bail.  Very odd conditions.  Foggy, misty, windy, and loud from the roar of the surf.  It was very disorientating and made walking difficult.  It was hard to stay balanced and the conditions made us both a bit dizzy.  Went for a long walk away from the beach and it was nice.  Had a bit of a thunderstorm late this afternoon to cap it all off.

Happy 2014 to you all.

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Beach Again

Posted in Beaches, Nature, Shells, Water by joncrispin on 05/01/2014

We are back on the beach for a bit.  It has been quite cold here in South Carolina until today.  The ocean was really roiled up this afternoon, and the tide was just ebbing from its high point.  There were lots of really beautiful small shells at the tide line.

The biggest of these guys is about an inch across.

I especially like the bottom one here.

Backlit Shell

Posted in Beaches, Shells, Water by joncrispin on 18/03/2013

I loved the way this little shell was translucent and backlit by the sun. / We are winding up out time here and I am really going to miss the beach.

Boy at Beach

Posted in People by joncrispin on 08/11/2012

Here’s another one of my postcard photos from a long time ago.  I’m not really sure why I’m drawn to this image, but it strikes a chord.

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Yesterday was cold.  Freezing rain and very windy.  We still went to the beach, but our walk was brief.  Today was just grey and cold, so walking was no problem.  We saw zero people but lots of bird action.  Pelicans, gulls, ducks,  sandpipers, and piping plovers.  These starfish must not taste very good to the gulls, as there were lots of them laying around un-eaten.  Cris noticed the guy above.

There is something about the subtlety of the colors of the shells that attracts my attention.  How beautiful is this one?

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Kiawah Beach


A very quiet day today.  Still recovering a bit from flu and the 18 hour drive, but this is the place to do it.


Posted in Animals, Cnidarians by joncrispin on 09/11/2010


The only thing I thought I knew about jellyfish turns out to be wrong.  They are not arthropods.  (I guess I do know something else, and that is that there is no way I will ever intentionally touch one.)  This guy was about the size of  half a cantalope.  It looks out of focus but isn’t.  People eat a lot of weird stuff from the sea, but I have never heard of anyone eating  jellyfish.

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