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Beach Snow / Jellyfish

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It is easy to see where the high tide line is here.


There were several of these interesting gelatinous creatures that had been washed up on the beach.


I want to call them jellyfish, but I’m not sure.  They might fit into the cnidaria phylum, but I would appreciate anyone who could tell me what they are.


I love looking at the patterns that form when the tide is going out.  This could be a photo taken from 20,000 feet, even though it isn’t.


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The only thing I thought I knew about jellyfish turns out to be wrong.  They are not arthropods.  (I guess I do know something else, and that is that there is no way I will ever intentionally touch one.)  This guy was about the size of  half a cantalope.  It looks out of focus but isn’t.  People eat a lot of weird stuff from the sea, but I have never heard of anyone eating  jellyfish.

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