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Pearl and her Rhino

Posted in Animals, Dogs by joncrispin on 17/01/2013

We gave this stuffed Rhino to the Pearl for Christmas.  As usual, she found it under the tree without any help from us. / Peter and I were eating breakfast this morning and I looked over and saw this.  She seems to have a wistful look on her face.  Maybe she was suffering from a bit of Weltschmerz as we all do from time to time.

More Pearl

Posted in Animals, Dogs, Family, Friends by joncrispin on 24/12/2012

A bit of “karma congestion” lately.  So as a default I feel like doing a Pearl post.  We never let her up on the furniture until about a year ago, but now she seems to have claimed the center section of this sofa.  It is really nice to have the wood stove going with her asleep next to you.

Cris was putting some wrapped presents under the tree yesterday, and Pearl went right to this “Mega P’nut” dog treat.  She got an early gift.

Peter is home from DC and he and I took her for a walk today.  I know I have posted a similar photo, but for some reason this still gets to me.  She wants to carry her leash everywhere.

This past year has been monumental in many ways, and next year could be equally interesting.  My very best wishes to all of you who follow this blog.  I’ll get back to some serious stuff soon, but in the meantime, ’tis the season to be thinking about friends and family and have lots of love in your hearts.

Cheers, Jon

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