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Posted in Animals, Insects, Plants by joncrispin on 20/09/2012

I’ve been “stalking” this guy for a while now.  I have seen him many times, but he has always been gone by the time I have made the effort to photograph him. (Although I have a vague memory of an earlier post on the same subject.)  He is always in the same spot on this leaf; right at the base.  Today he was just hangin’ out and I had a few minutes to grab my camera and take his picture.  I think the plant might be a begonia, but I am awful at remembering what plants are called.  Can anyone identify the bug?

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Tiny Bug on Basil

Posted in Food, Insects, Nature, Plants by joncrispin on 20/06/2012

This is the smallest dang grasshopper type bug I have ever seen. It was hanging out on the basil this morning.  I should probably get a longer macro lens; my guess is that those of you who look at this site on your phones are out of luck.  Love the green though.

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