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Posted in Animals, Insects, Plants by joncrispin on 20/09/2012

I’ve been “stalking” this guy for a while now.  I have seen him many times, but he has always been gone by the time I have made the effort to photograph him. (Although I have a vague memory of an earlier post on the same subject.)  He is always in the same spot on this leaf; right at the base.  Today he was just hangin’ out and I had a few minutes to grab my camera and take his picture.  I think the plant might be a begonia, but I am awful at remembering what plants are called.  Can anyone identify the bug?

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Posted in Plants by joncrispin on 25/05/2010

We have spotty luck with house plants.  Some thrive, some die.  This guy almost bit the dust, but has rallied.  It is not really red, but more like maroon.  It was heavily backlit by the sunset when it took this.  I would appreciate any help with an identification.

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