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Pearl and her bowl

Posted in Animals, Dogs, Family, Food by joncrispin on 24/01/2012

In many ways Pearl is a true retriever.  She is not obsessed with balls or sticks but she really loves her bowl.  Since she was young she would eat and then pick it up and carry it around the house.  We never know where it will end up, and sometimes in the morning it is a pain to have to look for it.  About a year ago, I began to make her go find it before I would feed her.  She is mostly good at it, but sometimes she brings me one of her stuffed animals instead.  But she has figured out that bringing me the bowl means she gets to eat so there is some incentive for her.  The only problem is that at random times throughout the day she will get the bowl and carry it around expecting a meal.  I can mostly ignore it, but once in a great while I succumb to her cuteness and give in.

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