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Willard Suitcase #12

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This is Eleanor G’s large trunk.  It is one of the few cases in the collection that is unwrapped.  I have posted some of her other cases before.  I have edited the photos in this post quite tightly; there are well over 20 that I will eventually use, but due to time and space limitations, I’ll show just a few.

This is a classic footlocker design with a removable top shelf.

I think she used this calendar notebook as a Christmas or birthday book.  You can read what seems like a list presents she either gave or wanted to give to people.

Eleanor sewed a lot.  Here is a section of a pattern.

Above is some of the wrapping of the items in the bottom of the case.

These two movie ticket stubs were the only things in this little red clutch purse.

I like the design of this little vanity.  The use of the stars is especially tasteful.

The little lavender fabric button below the pills is such a lovely color.  These items were inside the vanity.

This is a closeup of a huge roll of wrapping paper that really got to me.  I so wanted to take the outer seal off to look at a whole sheet, but it was taped on and I was worried about ruining it.

The bottom of the trunk was full of letters to Eleanor.  She clearly had saved these from her life outside of Willard.  At first I thought the address on the bottom right envelope said “White House”, but as I enlarged the writing, it looked more like “White Home”.  I’m not sure if it was a residential facility or just an apartment house. (Early on in this project, an interesting fellow from somewhere out west was researching some of the materials and came up with some really cool historical links.  Tom, if you are still following, I’d love to hear from you.)

I plan to be back at the museum on Thursday to shoot more cases.  An tomorrow I will be at the recently closed Hudson River Psychiatric Center shooting some interiors.  Thanks for following this project.

Willard Suitcase #10

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This is another of Eleanor G.’s cases.

The way in which the museum wraped these suitcases really resonates with me on this one, and you will see just why as you scroll down to the last picture.

I like the style of this one; nothing special but extremely functional.

The remnants of the tags are always interesting to me.

Eleanor made some of her own clothes, as you might have inferred from the contents of the previous post.

The clothing in this case really got to me.

The fabric had a feel to it that was so much of another time.

And the embroidery work on the collar of this sun dress was so delicate.

I couldn’t figure out why she or someone else wrote her initials on this dress, especially in such a prominent place.

Here is more of her embroidery work.

I love the color of the hat, and would guess that she added the adornment to it herself.

It might be a bit difficult to make out, but the bow on this dress so resembles the way the string is tied on the outside of the wrapped cases that I immediately made a connection between the two.

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