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1969 Ford Torino GT

Posted in Automobiles, Friends, History, Jon Crispin by joncrispin on 25/10/2012

I have been driving past this car for quite some time.  Today was a good day to stop and take some photos.  Torinos were based on the Fairlane platform and as I learned on wikipedia, the name Torino gradually replaced the Fairlane badge.  The ones I really remember are the GT versions of which this is a 1969 example.  When I first saw these cars, I thought they were quite ugly, but in time they have really grown on me.

This one is mostly covered in primer, but you can note from the pictures that the original color is still evident in some places.

This blue/green is the only color I can recall on this vintage of the GT model. /  There are two Ford Torinos in my past.  My college roommate Gail had one our Senior year.  I am pretty sure it wasn’t a GT, but it could well have been.  I remember her coming back to school from Ridgeway, PA where  her family lived and telling me that her dad would give her a few extra dollars to put “a tank of Ethyl” in it.  And my friend Paul who now lives in Arizona had a really nice GT that he has since sold.  He did a lot of work on it himself and in fact one day he drove it out from Boston and tinkered around with it in my driveway.

So, this one is for sale.  Paul? Gail?

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