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Willard Suitcase #9

Posted in Willard Suitcases, Work by joncrispin on 05/12/2011

I had my most productive day ever this past Thursday.  This case belonged to Eleanor G.  I was expecting a regular suitcase from the way it was wrapped, but it was something altogether different.

The museum has a total of five cases from Eleanor, and I photographed all of them but the large steamer trunk.  I’ll get to that on my next visit.

This is a very interesting cardboard storage container, and you can see above how I found it as I opened the drawers.

Eleanor must have sewn a lot.  One of her other cases held two beautiful light cotton dresses that were clearly made by hand.

This drawer holds just a small selection of her sewing kit, and a couple of garters for her stockings.

Here is her little needle case.

The handles of these curling irons are the most beautiful shade of green.

For me, the most beautiful and evocative item was this perfume bottle.  I googled Isabey and this is what I found.  The link is a little funky, but at the top is a picture of the reissued bottle and case.

This could not have been an inexpensive bottle of perfume at the time she got it.  Hand blown glass, and a beautiful velvet lined case.

Peggy helped out big time on Thursday.  Both with rewrapping and seeing things that I might have missed.  It made the day doubly productive.

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