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I took a break from the computer earlier this afternoon to take Olive up into the woods.


Somewhere deep in my memory lives the idea that I have seen something like this before.  But I find it quite amazing and wondrous that I saw two different instances of  leaves attached to what appears to be a thin strand of spider thread floating in midair and moving with the light breeze.  This made me really happy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Small Fir

Posted in Nature, Plants, Trees by joncrispin on 21/11/2012

I think I posted a shot of one of these a few years ago.  I can never remember what this small plant is called but I seem to remember seeing them in terrariums back way back when. They are all over the woods above my house. I’m pretty sure my sister will chime in with the correct answer.  Anyone else care to enlighten me?

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