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Nationals v Yankees Exhibition Game

Posted in Baseball, Spring, Spring Training by joncrispin on 04/04/2015

The Nationals held their last exhibition game of the Spring today at Nats Park.  Peter and I got a couple of $15.00 seats (row X, section 234) and had a great time.  It was quite cool and very windy, but hey…baseball!  Nationals fans got the chance to boo A-Rod and see him strike out three times, which seemed to make them happy.  The Yankees were down early,  came back in the 8th, and ended up winning 4-3.  The crowd was listed at over 36,000, which for a pre-season game was great.  Red Sox open on Monday in Philadelphia and the first game at Fenway is against the Nationals on the 13th (if all the snow has melted).

Sox v Yankees

Posted in Architecture, Baseball, Family, Sport by joncrispin on 01/09/2011


This is my great nephew and godson Crispin Duryee who is an avid Yankee fan.

He and his dad had planned to go see the Sox/Yankees game last night but Burr had a schedule conflict and couldn’t make it.  I was more than happy to step in take him, and it was a blast.  I hadn’t gone to a ballgame with an eight year old since Peter was little, and it definitely brought back memories.

It was a beautiful night for baseball and the Yanks/Sox rivalry meant for a crowd that was really into the game.  Crispin is amazingly knowledgable about the Yankees and was fascinated by all the statistical information displayed on the new jumbotrons.  He was a perfect companion at a game; never bored, always in tune with the action and unabashedly rooting for his team.  The Sox won 9-4 which made me happy but was surely disappointing for him.  We’ll see what happens tonight when Burnett goes up against Lester.

Yankees v Rays

Posted in Baseball, Friends, Sport by joncrispin on 11/07/2011

I went to the Yankee game yesterday with my friend Jeff Cohen.  It was probably the fastest game I have attended in the last 20 years.  Both Sabathia and Shields work quickly and it was all over in 2 hours 10 minutes.  It was a wacky game; Shields tried to pick a runner off 3rd and threw it away for the Yankees only run.  Both pitchers allowed only 4 hits.  The photo is of the last out of the game.  I hope to get to Fenway soon.

NYY Steak

Posted in Cutlery, People, Sport by joncrispin on 13/05/2010

I’m not sure why this seems so funny to me.  Maybe because I remember Bill Simmons referring to Hal and Hank as Uday and Qusay.  Cris and I were at Yankee Stadium yesterday for our nephew Adam’s NYU graduation, and after the ceremony John and Lynne took us upstairs for a memorable lunch at NYY Steak.  We did it last year when Adam got his undergrad degree, and I had failed to notice the display of knives near the elevators.  This year I saw them.  Everybody’s there including Rudy Giuliani, although I didn’t have time to look for the empty spot where Ronan Tynan’s used to be.

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