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That Thing Again (with cheese)

Posted in Cutlery, Food, Superstition by joncrispin on 09/02/2014

I was cutting up some Gruyere cheese tonight for onion soup.  Whenever I take off the rind, I can’t bear to throw away any of the good bits that are close to it, so I use the knife to cut as near to the edge as I can. One of the small pieces fell onto the cutting board and stayed like this.   I have written before about things landing on the narrow end and remaining upright.  This just seems so lame to post about, but I still find it interesting and cheering.  Read about it here, here, and here.  (Or not; sometimes I can’t imagine anyone else being interested in the stuff that I find amusing.)  Anyway, hope you all have a great week.  And thanks for all the Kickstarter support.  I am really blown away by it.

Eating in car

Posted in Automobiles, Cutlery, Food, People, Travel, Windows by joncrispin on 14/03/2011

Peter and I were once in Northampton at a stoplight and we noticed that the person driving the car next to us was eating a bowl of cereal while waiting for the light to change.  She saw us looking at her and smiled sheepishly.  /  I walked by a car recently and saw this bowl on the front seat.  Looks like they might have had some coffee too.

NYY Steak

Posted in Cutlery, People, Sport by joncrispin on 13/05/2010

I’m not sure why this seems so funny to me.  Maybe because I remember Bill Simmons referring to Hal and Hank as Uday and Qusay.  Cris and I were at Yankee Stadium yesterday for our nephew Adam’s NYU graduation, and after the ceremony John and Lynne took us upstairs for a memorable lunch at NYY Steak.  We did it last year when Adam got his undergrad degree, and I had failed to notice the display of knives near the elevators.  This year I saw them.  Everybody’s there including Rudy Giuliani, although I didn’t have time to look for the empty spot where Ronan Tynan’s used to be.

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