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Posted in Architecture, Sport by joncrispin on 23/01/2013

I was helping my photographer friend Thom Kendall set up an overhead platform at the Mullins Center today and had my little camera with me.  It is always fun seeing things from different angles.


Posted in Animals, Dogs, People by joncrispin on 09/05/2012

I shot UMASS women’s lacrosse for my friend Thom Kendall on Sunday as he was tied up with the A10 track meet.  It was fun and I even got this nice shot of a fan with his dog.

Frozen Fenway

Posted in Architecture, Baseball, History, Sport by joncrispin on 09/01/2012

This past Saturday I shot the UMASS / Vermont ice hockey game at Fenway Park in Boston.  My friend Thom Kendall was covering the action on the ice, and I had the luxury of just wandering around shooting whatever looked interesting.  It was great fun to have the run of the place.  It was the first official event in this, the 100th year of the park.  So much history. / This panorama was taken from the “Green Monster”.


Posted in Friends, Sport by joncrispin on 16/01/2011


I used to shoot a lot of sports.  I have always enjoyed it, and feel that shooting something that moves fast helps me to do a better job when shooting stuff that doesn’t move at all.  I bought a new work camera just before the end of the year, and haven’t had much of a chance to get comfortable with it.  My friend Thom Kendall has the contract to shoot all of UMASS sports, so I asked him if I could tag along for the UMASS v. LaSalle game in Springfield yesterday.  I got maybe 5 decent shots out of the whole game.  He probably got 30 really good ones and 50 more that were totally usable.  His support was really helpful, but it made me realize just how difficult it is to get good action photos when the athletes and officials are moving around right in front of you and the lighting in the arena sucks big time.  Anyway it was fun and a good learning experience.  And I am pretty sure that the next time I photograph something that isn’t moving, I’ll be just that much better at it.


Posted in People, Sport, Water by joncrispin on 24/10/2010

On Saturday, I shot swimming for my friend Thom Kendall who was out of town on another job.  I grew up as a swimmer, so being back in a pool is usually a lot of fun for me.  Just the smell of chlorine and the humidity brings back memories.  Shooting it can be a challenge.  How many shots of athletes breathing out of the side of their mouths can one take?  So I usually try to look around for different angles.  The UMASS pool has a nice balcony just above the starting blocks and I thought it would be nice for the backstrokers.  It worked.

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