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New Haven Union Station

Posted in railroads, train stations, Transportation, Travel by joncrispin on 24/06/2015

I picked up Peter at Union Station this afternoon.  It was a beautiful day.

Off to Montreal tomorrow to watch Friday’s France / Germany WWC match.  O Canada.

Ithaca, NY

Posted in Automobiles, Cities, Travel by joncrispin on 18/12/2012

Here’s a shot I took from the top of the Ithaca parking garage a long time ago.  It was around this time I started to become interested in motion.  I really like the movement of the arm reaching out to the mailbox. /  Sorry for the dearth of posts lately.  My cold really knocked me down.  Finally feeling somewhat healthy again.

Grand Central

Posted in Architecture, Buildings, Cities, History, Travel by joncrispin on 20/02/2012

Here’s another shot from Grand Central.  I was a bit disorientated because I have been up on this balcony on the East side of the station many times.  It always used to be just an open space with people milling around and taking pictures just like this one.  It is an Apple Store now.  As soon as you walk up the stairs, there is a greeter asking if you need help.  Things change, I guess.  A very long time ago Kodak used most of the wall behind me for a giant Kodachrome image.  Now Kodak is bankrupt and Apple is in charge.  Interesting.

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