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Jonny Donuts

Posted in Architecture, Food, Travel by joncrispin on 22/03/2012

We were so tempted to get donuts here.  But we had just eaten the best fish and chips EVER at Steeles Corner House in Cleethorpes.  So we just had an ice cream (with Flake).  This is a beautiful little seaside town on the North Sea.  Well worth the visit.  I just love the deco design of this building.

Burton to Scunthorpe

Posted in Maps, People, Travel by joncrispin on 21/03/2012

I took this shot of the road atlas yesterday while Peter was speaking to the Safety Officer of the Burton Albion Football Club.  I was looking at the map to see how to get up to Scunthorpe.  It turned out to be pretty easy and only took about an hour and a half.  Burton was nice and it was the first place in the UK where I heard someone use the word “nowt” (meaning “nothing”).  I asked a woman in a teashop in Burton about Scunthorpe and she said Northerners weren’t as friendly.  The difference between north and south here is much different that in the States. It is only a matter of about 65 miles.  In my years of travel I have found that everyone who comes from somewhere other than the locals couldn’t possibly be as pleasant.  For me, though they all seem pretty nice.

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